Recycling Forward: Electric Motors in Classic Cars

Recycling Forward: Electric Motors in Classic Cars

Recycling Forward: Electric Motors in Classic Cars

There are points in history when emerging technology begins to swarm existing technology, ultimately relegating it to the history books. Such is the case today in the automobile industry, where combustion engines and driving oneself may quickly become things of the past. In the meantime, however, there are also places where new technology and classic technology can coexist. That is happening today, with the emergence of retrofitting classic cars with electric motors.

Perfect Timing

As classic combustion engine cars become increasingly expensive to repair, maintain and even find parts for, a larger and larger number of electric vehicles are becoming involved in accidents. Many of these cars may have bodies that are destroyed, but electric motors and battery systems that could be salvageable. This can be like a heart transplant for these classics, keeping them quietly and efficiently on the road far into the future.

It Is Not Cheap

Placing an electric motor and battery system in an existing classic is not inexpensive. Estimates say such work can cost $30,000 or more. While increasing in availability, locating electric motors for salvage is still challenging. There are only so many old Leafs, Tesla’s and other EVs, that have been wrecked available. Those numbers, however, are sure to increase as more EVs hit the highways. Some experts believe retrofitting a combustion car to electric could come down to below $10,000 in the not too distant future.

The benefits of replacing combustion engines with electric ones in older cars are apparent. It keeps older cars in use longer and provides additional use for older electric motors and battery systems. Generally, “classic” cars aren’t driven a lot, so the limited range of older electric systems should suffice. It is an ecologically friendly path to travel, although there are those that may miss the classic rumble of a combustion engine.

If you have an older car that has been modified, restored or upgraded, it is important you let your auto insurance agent know. They can make sure you have sufficient coverage to cover the full value of your car, not just the “blue book” value. For specialty and restored vehicles of all types, we encourage you to contact one of our independent insurance agents. They work with companies who specialize in vehicles just like yours. Connect with us today.

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