What Cars No Longer Have

What Cars No Longer Have

What Cars No Longer Have

It’s easy to identify features that are in cars today that weren’t included just a few decades ago. Rear view cameras, air bags, GPS, infotainment systems and parking assists are few. But there are also items that were included in early automobiles that they no longer have. Here are a few.

Hand Cranks

Engines once required large hand cranks to start them. These cranks took physical effort and would often snap back, causing injuries to hands and arms. The invention of the electric starter made hand cranks obsolete and saved thousands of injuries.

Inner Tubes

Prior to the invention of the tubeless tire in 1947, car tires had inflatable bladders inside called inner tubes. Tubes that received holes in them could be repaired with adhesive and rubber patches and reinstalled in the tire. Even after being repeatedly patched, an inner tube often had a secondary life as a flotation device for water fun. Today”s circular, donut-shaped inflatable pool toys are modeled after old inner tubes.

Rumble Seats

A holdover from horse-drawn carriage days, rumble seats were extra flip up seats at the rear of early sedans. They were sometimes referred to as jump-seats or mother-in-law seats. They allowed for an extra seat or two on the car’s exterior. Riding on them was cramped and rides were rough and passengers were exposed to the elements.

Metal Dashboards

Look at the interior of most classic cars and it is a wonder anyone survived even a modest crash. Bench seating, large indestructible steering wheels and hard metal dashboards were a recipe for injuries into the sixties and seventies. Improved safety features have been a significant part of advancements in automobile production.  The fact is, cars are much safer today than even just a generation or two ago.

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