Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Life

Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Life

Using Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Life

Smartphones are a blessing and a curse. They help keep us better connected and can make our lives so much more convenient. They also, however, can feel like a ball and chain that we can’t get away from.

Would you be interested in a few ways your smartphone may be able to lift your spirits, the spirits of someone else and enhance your life every day? Here are a few.

Email Yourself

Near the end of the day, email yourself an encouraging note about what you want to get done the next day. Use uplifting, positive language like “You are going to have a great meeting with Bob and Frank.” or “You will be energized all day and be productive.” Make a habit of reading this email first in the morning before getting into other less positive emails, news, or social media. You can become your own email pen pal cheerleader.

Send Someone a Music Video Via Text or Email

Video streaming services are filled with old music video and audio clips you can easily forward to an old friend, relative or coworker. Choose uplifting songs of encouragement like “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Nothin’s Gonna Break My Stride” or even the theme from Rocky, when appropriate. Include a short note like “This song always reminds me of you!” or “Thought you could use this today!” It actually can be quite fun choosing a song a day for someone to brighten their day and to let them know you are thinking of them.

Create a Smile File in Your Images

Include images that give you joy and bring a smile to yourself every time you look at them, It may be a loved one or pet, or be from a favorite time or exceptionally fun experience. When you are feeling just a bit down, bring out your “smile file” and remember to be grateful.

Create a Personal Best Note on Your Phone

Did you just close your biggest sale? Complete your farthest or fastest run? Reach a new high in your savings account or investment fund? Make note of these “personal best” achievements on your phone. They can serve as a source of inspiration.

Smartphones really begin to grow in value when we learn to use them to truly enhance and uplift our lives. Explore the new ways you may be able to use yours a more enriching life. 

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