Must Have Indoor Plants and What They Can Add to Your Home

Must Have Indoor Plants and What They Can Add to Your Home

Must Have Indoor Plants and What They Can Add to Your Home

Houseplants can not only add beauty and warmth to your home, but can make your indoor space just a bit healthier and even allow for some fresh fragrances and flavors. Here are some “must have” indoor plants you should consider for your home or apartment.


Lavender has been said to calm the body, mind and spirit. Many believe it works as a sleep aid, making it a good choice for bedrooms. Its purple color adds to its regal appearance. Lavender will need plenty of sunlight for optimum growth.


Ferns are a tropical plant that does well in areas where there is high humidity and little sunlight. This makes them an excellent selection for bathrooms. Ferns can help clean the air and handle the moisture in these areas.


Working more from home lately? Peppermint may make the perfect houseplant. It is said peppermint helps promote alertness and improve memory. As an added bonus, a quick whiff of peppermint can help curb the urge to snack throughout the day.

Bamboo Palms

It may not be rocket science, but even NASA agrees that Bamboo Palms are a superb air cleaning plant, especially when it comes to chemicals often found in carpeting and upholstered furniture. This makes them a superior indoor plant choice for living and family rooms. They also add a nice exotic flare to a room.


A small herb garden in the kitchen can add some fresh fragrance to the room while providing flavorful, fresh ingredients for your favorite recipes. Options include mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Dill, Oregano and others. A kitchen herb garden provides a triple threat with an air of freshness, great flavors all while being fun to grow, maintain and use!

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