Protect Your Home with These 6 Items

Protect Your Home with These 6 Items

Protect Your Home with These 6 Items

Improving the safety and better protecting your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, for just a few hundred dollars, you could better protect your home with these 6 items.

Fire Extinguisher

Statistics show that about 175,000 structure fires are started in the kitchen annually. If your kitchen isn’t equipped with a fire extinguisher, or if you haven’t checked it this century, it’s time to go shopping.

A multipurpose ABC fire extinguisher may be your best option. Its Class A abilities can safely extinguish combustibles like paper, wood, and cloth. Its Class B qualities make it effective for grease and oils. Its Class C aspects make it useful for electrical fires.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are super inexpensive and simple to install. Every room and hallway should have one. Just remember to change the battery when you change the clocks each spring and fall.


It is easy to make it seem like someone is home while you’re on vacation or away for the weekend with plug-in light timers. Plug the timer into the wall, plug a lamp into the timer, and set the on and off times.

Motion Lights

Improving the outside security of your home can be as easy as installing a motion detector or two. Most can be adjusted for sensitivity to movement and the amount of time the light will stay on once activated.


Deadbolts increase the security of entranceway doors dramatically. Most can be installed with a few simple tools, but those who are DIY challenged may want to seek out help.

Review Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

One way to ensure your home is protected is absolutely free. Simply contact one of our independent home insurance specialists for a home insurance review and price quote. You can get peace of mind knowing what you are covered for and to what extent. Connect with us for your no-cost, no-obligation review and price quote today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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