Getting Serious About Energy Savings

Getting Serious About Energy Savings

Getting Serious About Energy Savings

Most people have at least taken some steps to save energy in their homes. It may be energy-saving light bulbs, buying Energy Star appliances or even upgrading to a smart thermostat. While these may save some energy and a few dollars, there are more significant steps you can take. If you want to vastly reduce or even eliminate your energy bill, here are some serious steps you can take.

Replace Your HVAC

Most of the energy used in a home is usually from its heating and air conditioning systems. If your HVAC system is approaching 15 years of age or older, proactively replacing it with an energy efficient system can pay for itself. A new system can save 60% or more over an old, outdated HVAC system. While you are at it, have your ducts cleaned and sealed.

Add Solar Power

Solar energy is becoming more practical, affordable, and powerful. You can use free energy when the sun shines, sell your excess energy back to your power company, and just pay for the power you use at night, or add batteries to store your own energy for use as needed. Systems start at about the cost of a good used car.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

If your home has single-pane windows and old doors, a lot of the power you are paying for is escaping. New windows can quiet your home, beautify it, add value and save energy.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation and filling gaps around windows and doors can keep treated air from escaping. You may also want to insulate the inside of your garage door.

Major investments in energy-saving upgrades can be expensive. However, consider how much you are paying in annual energy bills. These investments can pay for themselves rather quickly and add significant value to your home.

You’ll want to make sure, whether it is solar panels or a new HVAC system, you notify your independent home insurance agent of any major upgrades made to your home. It may also be a good time for a homeowner’s insurance review. We can even provide a price quote for an upgraded policy. Contact us today.

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