Car Detailing Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Great

Car Detailing Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Great

Car Detailing Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Great

Car finishes today are so advanced, and an occasional car wash can keep them looking great for years. But if you really want to step up the appearance of your car, you may want to have it detailed once in a while. Detailing is an up-close and personal, deep cleaning of your vehicle that can have it looking brand new. Here are some detailing tips you can do yourself.

Use an Old Toothbrush

An old toothbrush can be your best friend when detailing a car both inside and out. It can allow you to get into vents, in close to trim, and around knobs.

Pay Attention to Wheels and Tires

Some complex wheel designs can make keeping them clean challenging, but it can be worth it. Use an appropriate wax or polish. Clean tires with a brush, dry them, and apply a tire shine product to give them a like-new appearance. Clean and shine tires around the first couple of inches onto the tire treads.

Clean Foggy Headlight Covers

Age, the sun, dust, and road chemicals can all create foggy headlights that can diminish their effectiveness and appearance. There are expensive products and buffers you can buy to clean foggy headlight covers, but often a mildly abrasive toothpaste and soft cloth can do the job. Simply buff the toothpaste into the cover using circular motions until it dries and then buff it off. Depending on how foggy your headlights are, it could take several applications.

Clean Door jams and Rubber Seals

Even the most spotless of cars can lose their luster if the door jams are dusty, dirty, or have leaves trapped in them. Take the time to clean and dry door jam areas with the door open, and use a protectant to shine and keep rubber seals flexible.

Pay Attention to Windows

Some car designs make cleaning interior windshields challenging. Make the effort to carefully reach into corners. Be sure to slightly roll downside windows to clean and dry widow tops and edges.

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