Discovering More About The World Around Us

Discovering More About The World Around Us

Discovering More About The World Around Us

Some are fortunate enough to travel extensively to learn more about the world around us. Others may have to settle on videos or books to quench our thirst for knowledge of life in other countries.

Here are some facts that demonstrate both how similar, and different, people can be across the globe.

Most Popular Religions

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world with over 31% considering themselves Christian.  Islam is next at 24%, followed by Hinduism at 15% and Buddhism at 7%. Those who claim “no religion” account for 16%.

Who Has Space Programs?

You may be surprised to learn about the number of countries who have space programs on the planet. Along with the US, Russia and China, Canada, India, Japan, Ukraine, South Korea, Mexico and Denmark all have programs. So far, representatives of 42 countries have gone into space.

Most Spoken Languages

English is the most spoken language on the planet, followed by Mandarin Chinese. Hindi is next, followed by Spanish and French.

Who Has Nuclear Weapons?

Nine countries have nuclear weapons, including the United States, Russia and China. The others include the United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea.

Largest Countries

By area, the largest country in the world is Canada. It is followed by Brazil, Russia, India, China, the United States and Australia.

How Many Countries Don’t Have McDonalds?

There are still a large number of countries that do not have McDonalds Restaurants. Some of these include Jamaica, Afghanistan, Belize, Yemen and more. In fact, 105 countries do not have a McDonalds.

Who Has the Longest Lifespan?

The Japanese have the longest lifespans in the world, followed by those who live in Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Iceland. The United States ranks 26th in average life expectancy.

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