Imagine If There Was No Such Thing As Life Insurance

Imagine If There Was No Such Thing As Life Insurance

Imagine If There Was No Such Thing As Life Insurance

What if life insurance didn’t exist? What if there was no such thing, and you couldn’t acquire it? If it wouldn’t impact you, it would certainly affect millions of families across the globe.

Life Insurance to Cover Final Expenses

Life insurance was initially developed as a way families could afford a decent burial for the insured. In the 1800s, for example, as funerals moved from homes to commercial funeral parlors with embalming, increasing burial regulations and more elaborate ceremonies, funerals began to exceed affordability for many. Insurance companies developed life insurance policies that could be paid for by a nickle or less weekly to help cover final expenses. Today, with average funerals costing in excess of $8,000, final expenses would still be a burden if not for life insurance.

Providing for Your Family

If there was no life insurance, mortgages may not be able to be paid and family homes lost. The lifestyle and quality of life could change dramatically for a spouse and children left behind.

College May Remain a Dream

Without life insurance, college educations for young children left behind may not be realized. Higher education is a challenge to afford today under any circumstances. Should there be a death of a breadwinner, it could be unachievable.

For some, getting life insurance is impossible or unaffordable. It could be due to their age, lifestyle, employment or health, but not everyone can acquire it, especially in the amounts they may prefer.

If you are in good health, now is the time to consider your life insurance status. Do you have a sufficient amount to cover your needs or reach your goals?

Life insurance is often much more affordable than people realize. They may put off even getting a quote because they may have other priorities. But what if life insurance became unavailable for you?

There is no harm in getting a no cost, no obligation life insurance quote from one of our life insurance agents. If the quote seems too high, they can seek other alternatives. Don’t put it off. Contact us today to get started.

Be Confidently Insured.


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